Thursday, 1 September 2011

If I had three selfish wishes.....

What if a genie popped up out of nowhere one day and told you to make three selfish wishes? I was thinking about it this morning. I mean, if it was just three wishes, everyone would wish for, I don't know, world peace or something, because it's the right thing to do. But what if it had to be just for you? Here are mine....

A great job that I absolutley love and am sucessful in when I'm older. I would love to be something like an author, an advertiser, or a magazine editor, but they seem like really hard professions to be sucessful in.
Great hair. EVERY day. No waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and thinking, "Oh crap."
Luck. If you were a naturally lucky person, how great would that be?!?! You'd get trapped in a lift with the guy you've got a crush on. Lottery numbers would rearrange themselves to your command. The buses would all come on time. It'd be amazing!

I would love to hear your guilty wishes. Drop a comment!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. probably a bottomless bank account (a legal one at that). LOL :P

  2. Wish One:

    Pain would be minimized in the world and agony eliminated.

    Wish Two:

    Everything would have a known Purpose.

    Wish Three:

    I could have three more wishes.

    Your wishes were good too :).

  3. Forgot about the three more wishes thing! I could have gone on forever... lol :)

  4. 1.get a free 1,000,000 dollar shopping spree from Forever21, Pacsun, and hollister every year and i could cancel it and start it over whenever i want

    2.Live in a house on the beach

    3.Decorate my room a beachy theme in a way i want it

  5. from my wishes you could tell i like the beach

  6. hahaha, pretty much! thanks for commenting all x


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