Saturday, 24 September 2011

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins :D

I had a craving for these the other day so I thought I'd make them! Yum... Here's how to make double chocolate chip muffins...

150g plain flour
2 teasp. B.P
50g caster sugar
1 beaten egg made up to 200ml with milk
vanilla essence
50g butter or margarine
15g cocoa powder
100g chocolate chip
6 muffin cases
1. Set oven to 200 C or Gas 6
2. Place 6 muffin cases into a muffin tin
3. Melt butter in a small pan- leave to cool
4. Sieve flour and B.P into mixing bowl
5. Add the sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate chips
6. Beat egg in a measuring jug
7. Add vanilla essence
8. Make up to 200ml with milk
9. Add the melted butter to jug and mix
10. Pour the liquid into a mixing a bowl and carefully fold into the flour with a tablespoon, be careful not to over mix!
11.Fill the six muffin cases
12.Bake straight away on upper shelf for 20-25mins until well risen and golden
13.Cool for 2 mins and enjoy!

Is there anything you would like to make and would like to see how to do it here? Drop a comment and I'll look into it!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. yummy;o)
    Your blog is so cute;o) I'm now a follower!
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  2. Omg they had those at Dunkin Dounuts for awhile n I went there n bought like 2 a day. Sooo yummy but so addicting

  3. ooo i have to make these on these school holidays! :D thanks for the recipe

  4. wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
    Pop up by my page when you get a chance xoxo Tamara

  5. Yumm! It looks delicious. I'll definitely give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    *Cappuccino and Fashion*


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