Friday, 16 December 2011

Something Christmasy...The Coolest Christmas Food

Ho, ho, ho! Getting in the Christmas spirit yet? You will LOVE the pictures I have to show you! I found them on various websites. And yes... which is your fave??

The brownies are an instant love, I am completley and utterly trying that, they are just so adorable!
What do you love?
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. I love them!!! They are so cool and cute!

  2. So fun!! I love the melting snowman, very cute!

  3. Hey are all very cute, but my fav has got to be those ornament ones! They're just so intricate and real-looking!

  4. Love your blog. It is very feminine of course, but as a novice blogger I appreciate good formatting and aesthetic appeal. Keep it up. And check out my blog if you have a minute, it will certainly elicit a giggle or two


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