Friday, 9 September 2011

The bus story.

This story idea has been in my head a while now, and I think it's time it saw the light!

The School Girl
The bus is here. Finally. God. There is no point being on time for a bus.
I get on, and it 's pretty full. Full enough for there to be only five seats left. But which seat to choose? Next to a fat woman taking up one and a half seats, or a seat at the back next to a loved-up girl and her boyfriend? Not forgetting the frowny business woman, the man talking to his chocolate bar, and the beautiful teenager talking on her phone.
I choose the teenager, and she seems to look with pity at my brown, thin hair, my fat nose, and thick eyebrows. I sink into my seat with a sigh of longing.

The Beautiful Teenager
I snap my phone shut, and sigh. A girl of about 13 or 14 sits next to me, and I look at her with a urge to shout, "Don't EVER get a boyfriend!"
I can't believe John dumped me. He was my best friend as well as a boyfriend. And now he's fallen for the prettiest girl in school, and dumps me by the phone? The loved-up girl niggles annoyingly into my mind, the one who's sat at the back of the bus with her boyfriend. It's so unfair. How come she gets a boyfriend when I just got dumped?

The Loved-Up Girl With The Boyfriend
Matt's trying to kiss me again. It's so embrassing. Why does he try it on in public all the time? I'm sure we're annoying the other passengers. That gorgeous girl sat at the front gave me quite a glare.
I like Matt. I do. I just don't really love him anymore.
I wish I was strong, and independent, like that business woman over there....

The Business Woman
I frown with annoyance. Another rejection! I replay the interview over in my head. I thought it had gone well! Am I really so bad in person? I've been trying for almost a year to get a job now. I can't live in my parents house forever.
I bet that man in front of me has a job. I'm sooooooo jealous, even though he's obviously a bit weird.

The Man Talking To His Chocolate Bar
Stop it, stop it... Am I talking out loud again? People are looking at me as if I am. Okay, just put it in your bag. PUT IT IN YOUR BAG.
But somehow I can't. Somehow the chocolate bar is making its way to my mouth....
I wish I was fat again. Really fat. So fat, that it wouldn't really matter if I kept eating food. I bet that fat woman sitting near the window has no problems with calories. She's probably really happy.

The Fat Woman
Are people staring at me? I hate going out of the house. I always get stares. People saying out loud or in their heads. Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat.
It's not even my fault. It's not fair. Before the illness, I has a figure just like that cute schoolgirl sat next to the teenager. She looks like a daydreamer. Dream on, little girl. Life chucks a bunch of stuff at you and sometimes takes your figure with it...

And so the bus goes on, taking the people and their worries with them. If only we knew what people were thinking.......

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