Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Gorgeous things for going back to school

Towards the end of last term, I was so fed up of how boring all my school stuff was. So in the holidays I set myself the task of finding things to jazz them up, and I'll share them with you here.
The Bag
If you've got dull school uniform, like me, a bright bag is perfect! Cath Kidston has so many gorgeous bags, it was so hard to choose, but I chose this one because it's perfect for books, it's waterproof, and the pattern is so pretty and bright. £18.00. If you've got bright school uniform, another gorgeous bag from Cath Kidston is the same style and price but in white.

The Pencil Case
It's simple, sophisticated, and big enough to fit my calculator in! £5.59, from WH Smiths.

The Jacket
It's soft, simple, and chic and very warm. Gorgeous material, and goes really well with my school uniform to wear to and from school.  From Forever 21, £16.75. If you don't like this one, Forever 21 has many other gorgeous jackets.

The Bracelet
Perfect accessory to add to your uniform! I love mine. From H&M, £2.99. If your school is strict on that kind of thing, wear it to and from school and out of school it's a great accessory too.

The Glasses Case
Obviously, I don't know if you wear glasses or not. If not, lucky you! Unfortunatley I do, but only for the board at school. This case is perfect for me, it's bright and fun and strong enough to stand being dropped often! From Paperchase, £7.50.

The Shoes
Beautiful, soft and delicate, the best school shoes I could find at a good price. Goes with any school uniform, and is great for out of school too! From TopShop, £28.00.

The Hairband
This great hairband is great for my hair (it's short and black). This hairband also comes in black, white and brown. From H&M, £1.99.
Another tip is to get your school skirt in pleated, if possible. Pleats are really in right now!
I hope you liked my school best buys, and I'd love some comments to see what you've all been buying!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. Cute pencil and glasses case! I think it'd be a fun challenge to try and style a school uniform- I've never had to.

  2. Omg, i adore the pencil case, and those shoes! I'm lucky that my school doesn't have uniforms, but you seem to have great little ways to spice yours up!!


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