Thursday, 25 August 2011

Colour blocking- bold jeans & shorts

 It's my first ever fashion post! I only started this blog three days ago, but I want to show any possible readers that it's not all going to be about songs and stories. It's also a place for any possible high-street fashion trends in the UK I have picked up on! So here's the wonder of brightly coloured jeans....

Ok, here's the softest you can go with the trend. Think feminine, girly, casual. Want to keep it sweet? Add a pale patterned top and a long, pretty necklace. Want to spice things up a bit? Add a bright top (red works well) and one big, chunky bangle.

This is when you really rock the look! Get the brightest trousers, but pair them with a plain white t-shirt and bright nails to really make a statement! You don't want to overdo the accessories on this one. A big bag and a straw hat is all you need...

A less scary way of showing the style, but on these ones you can wear more accessories! The jeans still show the trend, but are definetley not as bright as the other ones! These also go with white t-shirts, but you can wear black too or a contrasting colour. A big, bold pattern on a top with a different colour to the jeans would also work.

Now for the shorts! With shorts, you can have a little more fun. Go as bright as you want, and clash with patterns! Or go simple and sheek- wear bright shorts, and a plainish top with matching shoes.
This was just a short look into the coloured jeans and shorts trend. It's all about having fun with the colours!!! :D

That was a brief post- but my first ever fashion one! Lots of interesting posts to come- I promise!
But for now, bye from...
The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. i quite like coloured jeans but if it becomes too much and everybody starts wearing them then i think i'm going to revert to black again.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!(sorry that i forgot to mention that in my other comments) I LOVE those red shorts with the suspenders, they are SOOO cute!!! By the way, I'm following you!!

    -Ryann B.

  3. Agree, Fashion Tibits, but so far not everyone is wearing them so thats good :D
    Ryann B- Thanks so much for following! I think I am following your blog already, will check.


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