Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Surprise Party :)

Hey! The following (very short) story was written based on a similar experience I had myself. I wonder if any of you can relate to it?

The last balloon was blown up. Everything was ready. So why did her mum have to cancel everything again? Poor Ella never had any fun- her control freak mother saw to that. My name’s Jessica and Ella’s my best friend. Ella was so deprived of a fun life because her mother was so strict. And now I had planned a surprise birthday party, her mum had agreed, and then she cancels at last minute. Oh sure, Ella REALLY needs to come with her mum to the doctors today. It’s URGENT. So sorry Jessica, but all your hard work was wasted. Whatever. Ella would have adored  a surprise party.
We sat there, all the guests, picking at the food. We had a game of Twister, but no-one’s heart was really in it. But then there was a knock at the door.
“Um, what’s going on here..?”
“Ella??!!” we all shouted in chorus. “SURPRISE!!!”
“Ohmigod you GUYS! This is AMAZING! Thanks so much!” she gushed in amazement.
Later, when everyone was dancing around like mad things, I asked her if she had had a doctor’s appointment today.
“Um, yes, me and my mum went this morning,” she replied, not quite meeting my gaze.
“Oh,” I said. “What was it about?”
“Well..... My mum doesn’t want to say anything yet, but.... she’s going to have a baby!”
“Ella, that’s fantastic!” I yelled.
“I know, right? She really wanted me to see the scan when she told me, and it was all really sudden as the doctor had to ask to change her appointment at the last minute. I didn’t know why she was rushing through it though, until I walked through the door and saw all the balloons!” she said happily. “Come on, lets DANCE!”
She grabbed my hand and I severely told myself off for jumping to conclusions! 

From The Girl With The Notepad :)

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