Sunday, 30 October 2011

A shout out to those special blogs! :)

Well, I'm feeling FAB because I have now reached 25 followers! Sooo.... THANK YOU! Seriously, I really appreciate it... you all rock!
SO, because everyone is so kind recently, I thought I would give a shout out to those blogs which are all unique, cool, and special in their own way. Some of these people aren't following me. Some of these people probably haven't noticed that I'm following them! But each of these blogs are amazing and you should definetley check them out.

Flirty Dresses- a sweet, girly, fun blog with fab features that I'm obsessed with!
Book Swept- calling all book lovers! Great pictures and great quotes to go with them!
Fashion Tidbits- inspirational high fashion pictures every day!
The Fancy Teacup- amazing, stunning outfits in interesting settings, updated regularly!
My Happy Reality- a fun, interesting blog with posts that make you smile :) !
Shenanigans of Caroline- hilarious stories and interesting posts, you'll love this one!
Everyday, A Song to Sing- a new music blog that promises to be fun and interesting!

So, I hope you check them out! They really do deserve it.
If you find any cool fashion/music/fictional writing/ funny blogs I would love for you to give them a shout out by commenting their link! I follow lots of blogs, but I'm always looking for more.
Thanks again, followers!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. Ah thank you so much darlin! So glad you like my features! :) I amd going to check out all these blogs you have recommended! xx

  2. Awww thanks so much! You truly made my day :) Congrats on the followers and keep it up, I love reading your posts they are so sweet and thoughtful :)

  3. Awww, thank you sooo much!!! I love your blog, as I've said before. This made my day. :) Thank yooou!

  4. Will check out the blogs you mentioned. Care to check out mine?


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