Monday, 24 October 2011


Well... Halloween is coming up soon and I thought my post should have something vaguely spooky related. Have you ever read Frankenstein? I haven't, though I would like to, but I do know something about the plot. I got to thinking this morning, what was going through the monster himself's head when he first came to life? Here's my imaginings.....

I drew in a musty breath, letting dirt fill my body. It felt clean, even... good. My eyes roved the room. A strange flicker of light shone inches away from me, it coaxed menacely, I reached towards it, and a ghostly jump leaped inside me as pain shot through my hand. I turned away, startled... and saw a man. His face was a complete mixture of emotions, disappointment, hatred, fear- a wisp of excitement? I stared into his eyes and tried to understand. I wondered, why?

Thinking was hurting my head, tormenting it. Thoughts were sprinting through my brain, when one skidded to a halt. For now I understood. This person, this thing in front of me, he must have created me. But he didn't look happy. He looked like he hated me. My heart thumped painfully and loneliness' cold touch seeped through my veins, through to the tip of my fingers. But that felt like nothing to what I felt next. For I saw a monster! A monster that made me gasp to look at, a digusting creature so horrible tears rose to my eyes, and I shook uncontrollably like the devil himself had possessed me.

A soft sound made me turn my head. My creator was backing away from me- I reached out to him- but then he screamed.
"Stop, please!" he begged me.
I was confused. I had only been trying to help. Sadness threatened to kill me as he ran away. What had I done? Why did he not want to see me? I felt trapped in a maze of darkness. I resolved to find him, I managed to sit up- but then my eyes reached something that made me bury my head in my hands.

For I had just seen my reflection in the mirror.

Spooky! Till next time!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. Will most of your posts include a small writing sketch like this? This is pretty cool! I'm a writer myself, though I've taken to editing nowadays...

  2. Thanks! Appreciate it! :)
    I can't say most of my posts will, but many will. I also do stories, poems and songs as well as small scenes like this. I also do fashion.


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