Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A new feature! 100 style & beauty tips-1 :)

Hey! So, I got an idea for a feature to do once a week until it's finished, which I'm afraid kind of copies Soph from the blog Flirty Dresses in which she does a feature on 100 things she loves! I really love her blog and I'm sorry for pinching ideas! Anyway, this feature will be on 100 style & beauty tips I've picked up on. I'll do ten each week, so look out for them!

1.Need a quick fix for greasy hair? Batiste Dry Shampoo will sort you out.
2.Clean & Clear Deep Action facial wipes are amazing for keeping your skin away from spots. 
3. If you're thinking of going for a fringe, a full one is cute but can look babyish with short hair. I've tried! A sweeping fringe is often better.  
4. To brighten up skinny jeans, add a colourful skinny scarf instead of a belt.
5. If your eyes look tired, pale pink eyeshadow can actually look better than white.
6. If you've got no time in the morning and you've got short hair, take a chunk of hair from each side of your face and tie it back into a mini ponytail. 
7. Always carry an emergency mascara around with you. This may sound silly, but it has so many uses! ;)
8. Don't throw away old clothes without hesitation. You never know when it will come back on trend, and faded clothes often work well with brighter.
9. Checkered shirts are great for layering! You can wear them over practically anything to make the outfit more interesting.
10. Blue and red go great together, mostly when they're both bright!

Let me know what you think about it and if you have any ideas for features!
And also, I'm holding a bit of a competition for the best style & beauty tip ever! Tell me yours in comments. My favourite will be the 100th tip in this feature!
So get commenting!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. Ooo I like this idea!
    1. Sleep on a large pillow to keep your head elevated, this will help those with under eye circles.
    2. For puffy eyes, place cold spoons (from the fridge) on your eyes.
    3. Use toothpaste for pimples
    That's all i got for now :)

  2. I like this! :) Im also glad you like my blog! :) That made me smile!!!!

    My tips are:
    1. If you cut yourself shaving, put some perfume on cotton wool and wipe the cut. It stops scabs forming.
    2. If you want curly hair, put your hair in 4-6 buns overnight and when you wake up you will have gorgeous curls!
    3. To surpress your appetite, drink a pint of water before and after every meal! xx

  3. These are some great tips! especially number 8, I threw out a maxi skirt I had a while back because it wasn't in style then and now I'm wishing I had it back.

  4. Lovely tips here

    My tip is wear whatever you want to show off your personality. That is as long as it still looks good enough not to get a ticket from the fashion police


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