Sunday, 23 October 2011

100 style and beauty tips- 2

Want some inspiration? Check out my tips below: (for more, click on my first post on these called 'A new feature!- 100 style and beauty tips :) )

11. Want to look designer? For your coat this winter choose a quilted jacket- it can look designer for a fraction of the price of a proper designer coat.

12. To give your hair more volume, when wet, backcomb and massage in a volumising mousse. Dry off, and then spray with hairspray to keep it big all day.

13. Give your nails a fun look with Barry M Crackle Nail Polish, it creates fab patterns on your nails and is so easy to do!

14. If you've got an old jumper ready to throw away, first cut off halfway up the arms. Then hem each side and you've got arm warmers.

15. Vintage jewellery can give a boring outfit the boost it needs. Don't know where to find it? Check out

16. When applying blusher, smile first, and then apply the blusher up your cheekbones so it looks more natural.

17. Never underestimate the power of magazines. Stuck for inspiration on an important outfit? Go out and buy a few fashion mags. If you find an outfit you like, cut it out. Continue until you've finished all magazines. You'll be left with a kind of mood board of inspiration!

18. If you're broke but are desperate for clothes, try out a 'swapsie session' with some mates. Everyone brings something they don't want, and swaps with something a friend has that they do want.

19. If you're not going out or are going somewhere that isn't that important, don't wear makeup. It'll give your skin a breather and stop it breaking out in spots.

20. When wearing eyeliner, thickly outline your eyes for a dramatic effect. However, if you want to keep it subtle, apply brown eyeliner on just the bottom lids of your eyes.
And, rememeber to comment YOUR style and beauty tips below! My fave will be the 100th tip in this feature and I'll provide a link on my post to your blog!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. Interesting post! :)
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  2. My tip: If you want a full face coverage but want extra moisture, instead of using a tinted moisturiser, mix your foundation with your moisturiser and you will get full coverage and smooth skin! xx

  3. Helpful tips! :) I just started my own blog, come check me out and follow me if you want.

  4. Use cinnamon and Vasaline for smooth good smelling lips. Cinnamon is a good exfoliant :D


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