Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Autumn Leaves

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Looking out of the window, it's all I can see... this poem's about autumn leaves.

I wade my way through.
Stop and sigh with frustration.
Then go on again.
They're tangled in my hair
A swirling oasis of burnt orange and fiery reds,
They're beautiful.
The same colour as my hair
But somehow, my hair's not beautiful.
A face at the end of the street catches mine, briefly.
The eyes linger.
Over the swirling oasis of burnt orange and fiery reds.

Dull leaves scattered.
Scattered at my footsteps.
As if they're scared.
Of what? Of falling to the ground I suppose
Though that's just what is their fate.
Bright colours dulled
Once bright green, full of life
Now dying.
A face catches mine at the other end of the street.
Her hair is the exact shade of a leaf caught in it.
But somehow, the leaf's not beautiful...

Let me know what you think!- not just of this post, is there also anything you think would be cool to post about?
From The Girl With The Notepad :)

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  1. aw this made me smile :) It's adorable and I'm a sucker for things like these esp with different perspectives like this
    what about some fanfiction? something inspired by a movie or a novel you read?



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