Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Death or love

I've just read a post that made me think how lucky I am. It inspired this poem:

Wading through
Dirt, glass, plastic.
Noises swirling
Crying, wailing
You never knew life could be this bad.
A little girl
Sat in the gutter.
‘Take this,’ you say, and hand her the pack.
She looks up.
You’ve never seen her before.
But suddenly
It’s like you’ve seen into her soul.
She gobbles the food
But who knows? You might already be too late.
You scan her face
Looking for signs
A clue, if you like.
Your finger traces the tears on her face.
You hand her more food, and she stares.
You stop.
Is it death or love in her eyes?

I might turn it into a song one day, I think it's that kind of poem. What do you think? Was it death or love?
Drop a commment to give me ideas for posts- fashion or writing related if you think of one you'd like me to do. =) Thanks!
From The Girl With The Notepad :)


  1. This is a wonderful poem. I see song potential. Beautiful blog:)

  2. Love, I think, If you're dead, what's the point of eating? ;)
    I love the poem, and you're really good! :) Also I responded to your comments on my blog. Love yours!

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts, you're such a powerful writer ;o)!
    Keep it up!
    I'd love to read some more short storys, maybe about falling in love???


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